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So everyone is talking about another new webcam / dating site Your probably wondering is this site real, how are the models, what bang for my buck do I get with their credit system and can I really trust this site?

Let us take you through a introduction about demonstrating its features and functionally.

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What offers are free chat and group chat. In free chat you can engage with a model and see what they look like and chat to them. You are in a public room and you’ll be engaging in conversation with the model as with other members. You can tip the models anytime for a mini-performance which is something agreed with you and the model. In group chat is where the action really starts to happen. This is where you will basically get a show from the model and whats even better is other paying members can also jump into the show thus extending the show performance for the model and members.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    The WORST website ive ever worked for …. I have yet to get paid …. They fired me because I gave them input on how the girls where doing there shows and why they wasnt making hardly any money…hardly any male members & the ones on there will not tip maybe 5 members a day even have token’s …. all the woman are getting naked for little to nothing or doing live free show’s in hope’s of a tip…. NO real money 2 be made I was on hourly & since they didnt have enough males tipping us they told us they would only pay us 5 bucks a hour until we made as much as thy paid us or more WHICH ON THAT SITE IS IMPOSSIBLE LITERALLY… There system SUCKS its slow & freezes …. They will not talk to you after they sign you up…. They owe me over 200 bucks & are giving lame ass excuses on why they wont pay me so im calling the BBB && taking them to court over it … The ONLY reason they fired me they didn’t expect I wouldn’t put in that much time & the work & they didn’t have the money to pay me!!…. Its a bullshit site that will never make it & by the time im done probably wont be in America anymore!! They system doesn’t take fraud we’ll…. & to make it worse they haven’t even kept in contact w/ me about payment SMDH this is the most pathetic site ive ever seen & I hope they lose everything!!!


    • Ilmyrriley says:

      Actually your wrong the site actually gets pretty decent traffic… You just have to work for the tips (like how its a job) Also they really do payouts, It takes sometime to get the payouts but its always when they say it will be. NOT A FRAUD SITE, seriously. :)

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